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Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting

We understand the importance of taking care of your oral health. One way to do this is with Bone and soft tissue grafting, which can help prepare the mouth for dental implants. Our dentists at Pixel Dental believe that Bone and soft tissue grafts are a common form of restoration dentistry. It's used to restore jawbone mass or improve gums that have receded or thinned due to periodontal disease. This procedure is a necessary step before undergoing dental implant surgery as it adequately prepares your mouth for the implant so that it integrates well with the bone structure. During the Bone and soft tissue grafting procedure, your dentist will carefully apply donor material to fill gaps in affected areas of your mouth. It will allow for proper integration without compromising surrounding structures or interfering with other treatment options, such as bridges or dentures. This process is minimally invasive but often requires multiple appointments depending on the extent of damage and size of the gap needing to be filled by repair materials. Afterward, you may need additional time for healing before beginning implant surgery. However, It will be discussed with you beforehand so that you are fully aware of the expectations associated with each step of treatment.

Bone And Soft Tissue Grafting Before Dental Implants

Bone and soft tissue grafting involve replacing lost Bone or gum tissue with donor material or artificial material created in a laboratory. The process creates an environment where implant posts can be placed directly into the gums to secure replacement teeth firmly in place over time. For successful integration, there must be sufficient Bone and gum density between the implant post and surrounding tissues. If there is insufficient density in either area, your body may reject the implanted post and cause complications during healing. Therefore, Bone and soft tissue grafting are essential steps before dental implant placement.

Benefits Of Bone And Soft Tissue Grafting

There are many benefits associated with receiving Bone and soft tissue grafting at Pixel Dental:
  • Increase the stability of implants when properly fused with natural bones
  • Establish better aesthetic appearance due to increased amount of healthy gum around restoration teeth
  • Reduced risk for infection since donor material more closely matches the patient's own tissue type
  • Improved functionality since a more dense jawbone structure helps provide a sturdier base for support

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Overall, having healthy gums and jawbone structure allows dental implants to last longer while providing superior stability compared to other restoration methods. This is especially prevalent when prepared by our experienced team at Pixel Dental! We take great pride in providing our patients with quality service that meets all standards. With us, you can rest assured that you receive only top-notch care from highly skilled professionals. Our experienced dentists are the best McKinney, who genuinely care about your oral health needs at every step! So, book your appointment and get your dental procedure done today!
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No - a bone graft typically requires no more than two appointments, depending on the severity level involved, before proceeding with implant surgery.