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What Are Fixed And Removable Teeth?

Fixed teeth are a permanent solution generally recommended if you only need to replace one or a few missing teeth due to trauma or decay. Fixed teeth are permanently affixed to your jawbone and look just like natural teeth. Fixing these implants in place makes them more stable than removable dentures, thus providing superior comfort and function for our patients. Removable teeth are typically recommended if you require an entire set of artificial replacements due to tooth loss caused by age, gum disease, or other causes.
Unlike fixed implants, permanently secured directly into your jawbone, removable dentures sit on top of the gums and can be taken out each night for cleaning purposes. While not as secure as their fixed counterparts, modern-day removable dentures can still provide superior comfort compared to traditional dentures. This is because of its advances in technology over the years.

Advantages of Fixed And Removable Teeth

Removable dentures offer several advantages over their fixed counterparts, including improved affordability (due to less intensive surgery required) and greater convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The most significant advantage of fixed teeth is that they give the patient a more natural-looking smile and improved chewing ability. Because fixed teeth are securely anchored into the jawbone, they also provide increased stability, making them ideal for those who participate in contact sports or extreme physical activity. As an added benefit, fixed teeth are much easier to clean than removable dentures since they usually don’t need to be cleaned out of the mouth – brush, and floss!

Which Approach Is Right For Me?

Ultimately, deciding between fixed or Removable Teeth will depend on your individual needs and preferences. It also depends on cost limitations or existing health conditions that may restrict specific treatment plans. Fixed teeth are the optimal choice when deciding between fixed and removable teeth. Having fixed teeth offers a permanent solution to dental problems that can’t be achieved with removable teeth. Whether you are doing it for cosmetic or functional purposes, fixed teeth provide long-term benefits like durability, strength, and a natural feel. Not only that, but fixed teeth require minimal maintenance, which makes caring for them much more manageable overall. Ultimately, fixed teeth represent a worthwhile investment offering fast results with less worry than removable teeth. Here at Pixel Dental in McKinney, we understand how important access to quality dental care is. So, give us a call today to help determine which treatment plan is right for you.
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The main difference between Fixed and Removable Teeth lies in how each type is installed into the mouth. Fixed Teeth are permanently secured directly into your jawbone. In contrast, Removable Teeth sit on top of your gums and can be removed nightly for cleaning purposes. Both options have unique benefits and drawbacks, which should be discussed with our team before committing to any particular approach.